Dove Siamo


In Umbria, in Spoleto, a city of art recognized in the world. In the central Piazza Garibaldi, near the monumental Romanesque church S. Gregorio Maggiore, within walking distance of historic monuments such as Bloody Bridge, the Roman Amphitheater.

Spoleto is one of the oldest towns of Umbria boasting more than 2500 years of history. Founded by the Hunts, his fortune comes only whit the Roman empire. It became colony in 241 BC, known as Spoletium.
Walking through the old town you can dive into the Roman Empire atmosphere visiting the Teatro Romano (I century AD.) or through the Arch of Drusus and Germanico (23 AD) or even, always in the centre oldest town, visiting the Roman house attributed to the mother of the Emperor Vespasian (Vespasian Polla).